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Health & Safety Update

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It is our wish for you to feel at home, safe and comfortable. We fully appreciate that additional and extra measures are required to maintain a safe space and environment whilst staying with us at Nira Caledonia. Please do be fully assured that this is our Number one priority for everyone at our hotel – what ever the reason is for you being here with us.

The information below is subject to any update or change issued by the UK and Scottish Governments or relevant authority.

Before you arrive or travel

If you or anyone you are travelling with or in close contact with display any of the associated Coronavirus symptoms or have a positive test for Covid19 please do not travel to our hotel.  Seek the most appropriate medical advice.

Arriving at our hotel

Please be mindful of social distancing and hand hygiene at all time whilst staying with us. Everyone will be required to use a hospital-grade hand sanitizer before entering the hotel and restaurant.  Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at the hotel and restaurant entrances.  Frequent hand washing is also required throughout your stay with us.  Payments where possible should be made by credit or debit card.  Should you require assistance with your luggage a member of our staff will sanitize handles and straps and it will follow shortly after your check-in. Please ensure you have your personal protective masks and gloves, we will also be able to supply additional protective equipment.  Face masks or covering must be worn in and around the hotel public areas.

In line with the Scottish Government's requirements which permit hotels and hospitality to re-open, you are required to supply your name, address and phone number irrespective of where you reside.  The purpose for collecting this information will be to support the NHS and the Scottish Government with their test and trace initiative.  The hotel is required to give this information if requested up to four weeks after your departure.  Your information will be held in our reservation system which has the most stringent security and data protection protocols.  The system is independently tested daily.  Anyone who does not wish to supply their details may not be permitted into the hotel.  It is vitally important that we all support and participate with any measure to help combat the spread of Coronavirus.

Your room

In addition to our exceptional standards of cleanliness additional and extra sanitation will be carried out on touch surfaces – door handles, remote controls, telephones, wardrobes, safes, switches and sockets, taps and flushers and the likes will have extra attention paid during a housekeeping visit.  Our professional cleaning product range is manufactured by Winterhalter and tested in accordance with British and European safety standards (BS & EN certification).  In your bathroom we will provide anti-bacterial handwash.  The very last step in our cleaning process will be to “fog” your whole room with an effective and safe virucide which ensures hard to reach areas are as clean and safe as possible.  The virucide has been independently and rigorously tested to British and European safety standards.  The product will kill Coronavirus and many other pathogens and bacteria in five minutes.  Housekeeping staff will wear personal protective equipment and change this prior to servicing a room.  The mini bar in your room will be empty, although we do have a truly wonderful selections of in-room packages and drinks from our restaurant Blackwood's.  Please do not hesitate to talk with us if you have any questions or concerns – we want you to feel safe and are here to help and assist.


In line with recent guidance and changes to how we run the restaurant, please note the following

All guests are required to use the hand sanitizer placed at the entrance each time they enter the restaurant.  We have removed a number of tables and chairs to ensure we maintain safe social distancing.

Breakfast is available on a reservation or room service basis, we will be operating a reservation system in order to serve you in a safe manner.  Our delightful breakfast will be offered from a menu. Dinner is available in the hotel, reservations are required to ensure we offer you a safe dining experience.  Room Service is available for those who wish to dine in their room, prepared orders will be placed outside your room on a tray to collect.

Staff will ensure that tables and equipment have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.  Staff must be able to remain at a safe distance, they will use disposable personal protective equipment – masks, gloves and aprons to carry out their duties, they will change this frequently.  To ensure your safety, food and beverage orders may take slightly longer than normally expected.

For additional peace of mind and safety we will use fogging equipment and a food safe virucide in our restaurant and kitchen areas twice per day.

Leaving our hotel

Please call ahead if you require assistance with your luggage, staff will bring this to reception after you have vacated your room, handles and straps will be sanitized.  Payments where possible should be made by credit or debit card.

If you become unwell during your stay

Should you become unwell or display any of the associated symptoms of Covid-19, you and anyone occupying the same bedroom must stay in the room to begin a level of isolation.  Please notify a member of staff, we will seek the appropriate medical guidance and advice for you.


We appreciate and respect that what we “normally do” has changed.  The safety and well-being of guests and staff members is our Number one priority.